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Socialist Internaitional
Socialist Internaitional logo
Countries governed by SI parties.png
Kintras in which SI member pairties wur the govrenment or pairt o a coalition govrenment as o October 2013
PredecessorLabour an Socialist Internaitional
FormationJuin 3, 1951; 69 years ago (1951-06-03)
PurposeStrengthen relations atween the affiliated pairties an tae coordinate thair poleetical attitudes an activities.[1]
HeidquartersMaritime Hoose, Auld Toun, Clapham
Region served
George Papandreou[3]
Secretar General
Luis Ayala[3]
Main organ
Congress o the Socialist Internaitional
GBP 1.4 million (2011)[4]

The Socialist Internaitional (SI) is a warldwide association o poleetical pairties which seek tae establish democratic socialism.[1] It consists o democratic socialist, social democratic an labour poleetical pairties an ither organisations.

Altho furmed in 1951 as a successor tae the Labour an Socialist Internaitional it haes antecedents tae the late 19t Century. Initially dominated bi pairties frae Wastren Europe, it haes grown tae include mair nor 160 member pairties frae mair nor 100 countries. Its members hae govrened in mony kintras includin maist o Europe. The Pairty o European Socialists, a European poleetical pairty is an associated organisation o the SI, as is its European parliamentary group, the Progressive Alliance o Socialists an Democrats.

The current secretar-general o the SI is Luis Ayala (Chile), who haes held the post syne 1989.[3] The current preses o the SI is the umwhile Prime Meenister o Greece George Papandreou.[3]

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