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Oreegin: Glesga, Scotland
Genre(s): Sludge metal, Doom metal
Years active: 2002-2009
Labels: Superfi (UK)
Lawgiver Records (UK)
Members Luke Devlin
David Tobin
Ewan Mackenzie
Graham Young
Tracey Fallon

Snowblood wur a fower piece (sometimes five piece) experimental sludge/doom metal baund frae Glesga, Scotland, formed in 2002. Their third an final sel-titled album wis released in 2009, through Superfi Records.[1]

Snowblood composed lengthy guitar-based pieces, uisually focused aroond the elaboration o a single theme. These pieces are renouned for developin the dynamics atween the serene an the brutal side o the post rock an doom metal genres.[2]

Their first twa albums, The Human Tragedy (2004) an Being and Becoming (2005) wur baith recordit bi Neil McNaught at the Split Level Studios,[3] in Edinburgh, Scotland. Their third album wis recordit an produced bi the baund in a cottage near the Scots veelage of Buckie.

Discography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Albums[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • The Human Tragedy [Superfi (LP) / Lawgiver (CD)] 2004
  • Being and Becoming [Superfi (LP) / Lawgiver (CD)] 2005
  • Self Titled [Superfi (CD)] 2009

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