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A snawbuird wi strap-in bindins

Snowbuirds are boards, uisually wi a width the length o ane's fuit, wi the ability tae glide on snaw.[1] Snowbuirds are differentiatit frae monoskis bi the stance o the uiser. In monoskiin, the uiser staunds wi feet inline wi direction o travel (facin tip o monoski/dounhill) (parallel tae lang axis o buird), whereas in snawbuirdin, uisers staund wi feet transverse (mair or less) tae the langitude o the buird. Uisers o such equipment mey be referred tae as snawbuirders. Commercial snowbuirds generally require extra equipment such as bindins an special buits which help secure baith feet o a snawbuirder, who generally rides in an upricht position.[1] These type o boards are commonly uised bi fowk at ski hills or resorts for leisur, entertainment an competitive purposes in the activity cried snawbuirdin.

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