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Tot population
(c. 6–7 million)
Regions wi signeeficant populations
Slovakie Slovakie 4,352,775[1]
 Unitit States810,000  [2]
 Czech Republic147,152  [3]
 Canadae100,000  [2]
 Unitit Kinrick85,000  [4]
 Serbie52,750  [5]
 Austrick35,450  [6]
 Hungary29,647  [7]
 Fraunce23,000  [8]
 Romanie17,226  [9]
 Ireland10,801  [10]
 Ukraine6,397  [2]
 Croatie4,712  [2]
 Belgium4,000  [2]
 Sooth Africae800  
Majority Christianity: (Roman Catholicism,[11] Protestantism)
Relatit ethnic groups
Ither Wast Slavs such as Czechs, Poles an ither Slavs

The Slovaks or Slovak fowk (Slovak: Slováci, singular Slovák, feminine Slovenka, plural Slovenky) are a naition an Wast Slavic ethnic group native tae Slovakie wha share a common auncestry, cultur, history an are native speakers o the Slovak leid.

Maist Slovaks the day live within the borders o the independent Slovakie, c. 4.4 million ethnic Slovaks o 5.4 million tot population. Thare are Slovak minorities in Czech Republic, Croatie, Poland, Hungary, Serbie an sizeable populations o immigrants an thair descendants in the Unitit States, Canadae an the Unitit Kinrick.

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