Slobodan Praljak

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Slobodan Praljak
Slobodan Praljak (2013).jpg
Praljak in 2013
Born 2 Januar 1945(1945-01-02)
Čapljina, Independent State o Croatie
(nou Bosnie an Herzegovinae)
Dee'd 29 November 2017(2017-11-29) (aged 72)
Service/branch Croatie Airmy
Croatie Defence Cooncil
Years o service 1991–1995
Rank Lieutenant general

Croatie War o Unthirldom
Bosnie War

Ither wirk Writer

Slobodan Praljak (2 Januar 1945 – 29 November 2017) wis a Bosnie Croat ingineer, film an theatre director, businessman, author an retired general in the Croatie Airmy an the Croatie Defence Cooncil, an airmy o the Croatie Republic o Herzeg-Bosnie. In 2013, he wis amang sax Bosnie Croat politeecians convictit at the Internaitional Creeminal Tribunal for the umwhile Yugoslavie (ICTY) for war crimes against the Muslim population in the Croat-Bosniak War.[1] He wis sentenced tae 20 years in jyle.[2] An appeal wis heard in 2017 whaurby Praljak, upon hearin the guilty verdict upheld, drank pushion,[3] an died shortly tharefter.[4][5]

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