Ski jimpin

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(Reguidit frae Ski jumpin)
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Ski jimpin
Vikersund skiflygingsbakke.jpg
Vikersundbakken in Modum, Norawa is the warld's lairgest ski jimpin hill. (Pictur takken afore it wis redesigned in 2010/2011)
Heichest govrenin bodyInternaitional Ski Federation
First played1808
Eidsberg, Norawa
Team membersIndividual or groups
OlympicSyne the first iver Winter Olympics in 1924

Ski jimpin is a sport in that skiers gang doun a tak-aff ramp, jimp an attempt tae land as far as possible doun the hill ablo. In addeetion tae the lenth o the jimp, juidges gie pynts for style. The skis uised for ski jimpin are wide an lang (260 tae 275 centimetre (102 tae 108 in)). Ski jimpin is predominantly a winter sport, performed on snaw, an is pairt o the Winter Olympic Gemmes, but can an aa be performed in simmer on airtificial surfaces – porcelain or frost rail track on the inrun, plastic on the laundin hill. Ski jimpin belangs tae the nordic teep o competitive skiin.