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Synonyms Sinus infection, rhinosinusitis
Maxilar sinusites.jpg
Left-sidit maxillary sinusitis merked bi an arrae. Note the lack o the air transparency indicatin fluid in contrast tae the ither side.
Specialty Otorhinolaryngology
Symptoms Thick nasal mucus, plugged neb, pyne in the face, fiver[1][2][3]
Causes Infection (bacterial, fungal), allergies, air pollution, structural problems in the neb[2]
Risk factors Asthma, cystic fibrosis, puir immune function[1]
Diagnostic method Uisually based on symptoms[1]
Seemilar condeetions Migraine[4]
Prevention Haundwashin, avoidin smeukin, immunisation[2]
Treatment Pyne medications, nasal steroids, nasal irrigation, antibiotic[1][5]
Frequency 10–30% ilk year (developit warld)[1][6]

Sinusitis, an aa kent as a sinus infection or rhinosinusitis, is inflammation o the sinuses resultin in symptoms.[1]

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