Sino-Tibetan leids

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East Asie, Sootheast Asie, Sooth Asie
Lingueestic clessification Ane o the warld's primary leid faimilies
  • Some 40 well-established law-level groups (see Van Driem (2011), some o which mey nae alang tae Sino-Tibetan at aw
  • Mony proponed heicher-level groupins
  • Tradeetional diveesion:
  • Sinitic vs. the rest (Tibeto-Burman)
ISO 639-2 / 5 sit
Glottolog sino1245
The extension o various branches ofSino-Tibetan

The Sino-Tibetan leids are a faimily o mair nor 400 leids spoken in East Asie, Sootheast Asie an pairts o Sooth Asie.