Simon Kuznets

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Simon Kuznets
Simon Kuznets 1971b.jpg
Kuznets in 1971
Born30 Apryle 1901(1901-04-30)
Pinsk,[1] Roushie Empire (present-day Belaroushie)
Died8 Julie 1985(1985-07-08) (aged 84)
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Columbia University,
Harvard University (1960–1971)
Johns Hopkins University (1954–1960)
University o Pennsylvanie (1930–1954)
FieldEconometrics, development economics
Schuil or
Institutional economics
Alma materColumbia University,
Kharkiv Institute o Commerce
Wesley Clair Mitchell
Milton Friedman
Jacob Schmookler
Richard Easterlin
Stanley Engerman
Robert Fogel
Subramanian Swamy
Lance Taylor
ContreibutionsNaitional income data
Empirical business cycle resairch
Chairactereestics o economic growthe
AwairdsNobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (1971)
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Simon Smith Kuznets (/kʊzˈnɛts/, /ˈkʌznɛts/; Roushie: Семён Абра́мович Кузне́ц; Apryle 30, 1901 – Julie 8, 1985) wis an American economist, stateestician, demografer, an economic historian wha received the 1971 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences "for his empirically foondit interpretation o economic growthe that haes led tae new an deepened insicht intae the economic an social structur an process o development".

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