Simon Fraser, 11t Laird Lovat

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Pictur o Laird Lovat in "Memoirs o the Jacobites".

Simon Fraser, 11t Laird Lovat (c. 1667 – 9 Apryle 1747, Lunnon), nicknamed 'the Tod', wis a Scots Jacobite an Chief o Clan Fraser o Lovat, kent for his feudin an cheenges o allegiance. In 1715, he haed been a supporter o the Hoose o Hanover, but in 1745 he cheenged sides an supportit the Stuart claim on the croun o the Unitit Kinrick. Lovat wis amang the Hielanders defeatit at the Battle o Culloden an convictit o traison against the Croun, follaein that he wis sentenced tae daith an subsequently beheidit. He wis the last man in Breetain tae be executit bi beheading, awtho beheidin wis nae formally abolished in UK law till 1973.