Silvia Pinal

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Silvia Pinal
Pinal in Maribel y la extraña familia (1960)
BornSilvia Pinal Hidalgo
(1931-09-12) 12 September 1931 (age 92)
Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico
ResidenceMexico Ceety, Mexico
Years active1945–present
Hame tounMexico Ceety, Mexico
Poleetical pairty
Institutional Revolutionar Pairty
Hauf-marrae(s)Rafael Banquells
Gustavo Alatriste
Enrique Guzmán
Tulio Hernandez
BairnsSylvia Pasquel
Viridiana Alatriste
Luis Enrique Guzmán
Alejandra Guzmán
KinStephanie Salas (Granddochter)

Silvia Pinal Hidalgo (born 12 September 1931) is a Mexican film, televeesion an stage actress. She is ane o the maist recognisit an versatile Mexican actresses warldwide. She is internaitionally kent for haein starred in a famous movie trilogy wi the famit film director Luis Buñuel, heichlichtin the clessic film Viridiana (1961).

Pinal is considered ane o the last livin legends o the Gowden Age o Mexican cinema. She is considered ane o the pioneers o the televeesion an muisical theater in Mexico an aw. Her dochters an some o her stryndants hae dabbled in the starndom warld, makkin Pinal, the heid o ane o the maist famous airtistic dynasties o Mexico.

Early life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Silvia Pinal Hidalgo was born in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico, on 12 September 1931. She wis the anerly dochter o Maria Luisa Hidalgo, a stryndant (accordin tae several sources) o Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, foonder o the unthirldom muivement in Mexico, an Luis G. Pinal a jurnalist, militar an politician. Bi her faither's side, she haed three hauf-sisters. She an her faimily livit in several ceeties in Mexico: Querétaro, Cuernavaca an Acapulco, an feenally settlin in Mexico Ceety. In Mexico Ceety she wirkit as a secretar for a pharmaceutical firm. Later, she gae the opportunity tae pairticipate in the recordin o some radio plays in the XEQ, a Mexican radio station: Dos pesos la dejada an Midsummer Night's Dream. She teuk actin clesses in the Palacio de Bellas Artes an aw. She wis chosen Queen o the Mexican Students an wis presentit wi the Cuban actor an director Rafael Banquells, who includit her in several plays that sat in the theater company o the Spainyie actress Isabelita Blanch. Her first wirk wis a experimental project cried Los caprichos de Goya.

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Career in film[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1949, Pinal stairtit her career in film at the age o 18 in the movies La Bamba an El pecado de Laura (wi Meche Barba an Rafael Banquells). She gained popularity as a "young lady" o the Gowden age o Mexican cinema in the 1950s. She starred in some successful movies like El rey del barrio wi Tin Tan (1950), El portero, wi Cantinflas (1951), Mis Tres Viudas Alegres (1953), wi Amalia Aguilar an El inocente (1953), wi Pedro Infante, winnin her first Silver Ariel awaird. She earned twa mair Ariels for Locura Pasional (in 1955) an Enemiga (in 1956). She gained further recognition wi roles in a nummer o movies for the Argentine director Tulio Demicheli, as Un extraño en la escalera (1954) or Desnudate Lucrecia (1959). Efter marryin Gustavo Alatriste, a businessman who invitit Spainyie film director Luis Buñuel tae direct Viridiana, a controversial film depictin a nun (played bi Pinal) an her affair wi the character played bi Spainyie actor Francisco Rabal. The Alatriste-Pinal-Buñuel team made twa mair successful films, El ángel exterminador (1962) and Simón del desierto (1965).

Efter the Buñuel-Pinal collaboration, Pinal starred in numerous movies durin the 1960s an 1970s, like Los Cuervos están de luto (1965), La soldadera (1966), La Bataille de San Sebastian (1968, in Fraunce), María Isabel (1968), El Cuerpazo del Delíto (1970, wi Mauricio Garcés), Divínas Palabras (1978), Pubis Angelical (1982, in Argentina), an Modelo Antiguo (1992).

Career on televeesion[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1968, Pinal obtained a role in her first telenovela titled Los caudillos, a story inspired in the events o the Mexican War o Unthirldom. Wi her husband, Guzmán, she hostit a muisical talk-show titled Silvia y Enrique on Televisa. In 1985, she producit a show that portrays viewers-submittit stories aboot weemen titled Mujer, casos de la vida real that became a success an it is still producit an broadcast bi Televisa in Mexico an Laitin Americae an Univision in the Unitit States.

She actit in anither telenovela in 1973 an mair in the 1980s afore takkin a 15-year break frae such roles. In 1983, she produced Cuando los hijos se van, starrin her dochter Silvia Pasquel an Saby Kamalich. She returned tae telenovela roles in 1998 wi El privilegio de amar, the Best Telenovela of the Year, accordin tae TVyNovelas. Her maist recent roles hae been in Carita de ángel in 2000, Aventuras en el tiempo in 2001, Amarte es mi pecado in 2004 an Fuego en la Sangre in 2008.

In 2010, Pinal pairticipatit in the Mexican telenovela Soy Tu Dueña.

Pinal is featured in the 2007 beuk Televisa Presenta, which celebrates ower 50 years o Televisa's history.

Career on stage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Pinal haes producit an starred in plays such as the Spainyie leid version o Mame an aw. She then acquired her awn theaters an namit thaim Silvia Pinal an Diego Rivera an starred in Que tal Dolly!, the Spainyie-leid version o Hello Dolly! an Gypsy, opposite her real-life dochter, Alejandra Guzmán.

In 2005, efter a 12-month hiatus frae stage roles, she starred in Debiera haber obispas ("There shoud be wumman bishops") bi Mexican writer Rafael Solana. In 1993, she producit the Mexican premiere o Jerry Herman's muisical adaptation o La Cage Aux Folles ("La Jaula de Los Locos"). She last starred in Adorables Enemigas in Mexico Ceety at the Teatro Diego Rivera.

Career in politics[eedit | eedit soorce]

She became a member o the Institutional Revolutionar Pairty an wis electit tae federal deputy, senator an member o the assembly o the Mexican Federal Destrict.

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Pinal haes been marriet fower times, first tae Cuban actor Rafael Banquells who haed a dochter wi her, actress Silvia Pasquel (Pasquel is a combination o the surnames Pinal an Banquells). She then marriet Gustavo Alatriste, a businessman turned movie producer who wis the faither o her seicont dochter, Viridiana Alatriste (17 Januar 1963 – 25 October 1982), who wis killed in a caur crash at the age o 19.

Pinal later marriet Enrique Guzmán, a Caracas, Venezuela-born Mexican actor an sangster. They haed twa childer: Luis Enrique Guzmán an Alejandra Guzmán. Pinal an Guzmán hostit a TV show in the 1960s, but later divorcit. Her last husband wis Tulio Hernández, whom she marriet in 1982; the marriage ended in 1995.

Awairds an honors[eedit | eedit soorce]

Pinal haes been inductit intae the Paseo de las Luminarias in Mexico Ceety for her wirk. She an her dochters Silvia Pasquel an Alejandra Guzmán are amang the few mither an dochter pairs so honored.

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