Silvia Paternò

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Silvia Paternò
Duchess o Aosta
Silvia Paternò di Spedalotto.jpg
Born31 December 1953 (aged 66)
Palermo, Sicily
SpousePrince Amedeo, Duke o Aosta
Full name
Silvia Ottavia Costanza Maria Paternò
HooseSavoy Aosta branch bi mairiage)
FaitherVincenzo Paternò, Baron o Spedalotto
MitherRosanna Bellardo

Silvia Paternò (Silvia Ottavia Costanza Maria; born 31 December 1953) is a member o the Aosta branch o the Hoose o Savoy bi mairiage tae Prince Amedeo o Savoy, Duke o Aosta on 30 Mairch 1987. She wis born Silvia Paternò but is kent as Her Ryal Highness The Duchess o Aosta as the wife o a pretender tae the throne o the Kinrick o Italy frae the Hoose o Savoy. Her faither's Faimily are nobility frae the island o Sicily, an Spedalotto is ane o her faither's baronys an nothing tae do with her name. Her faither wis the Marchese (Marquis) o Reggiovanni. She is also cried Princess Silvia.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Prince Amedeo o Savoy, Duke o Aosta, himsel a son o Prince Aimone, Duke o Aosta an his wife Princess Irene o Greece an Denmark. Princess Irene wis a dochter o Constantine I o Greece an sister o George II o Greece. They mairit on 30 Mairch 1987 at the Villa Spedalotto on Sicily. The Duke o Aosta is a descendant o Victor Emmanuel II o Italy.

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 31 December 1953 - 30 Mairch 1987 Donna Silvia Paternò.
  • 30 Mairch 1987 - present Her Ryal Highness The Duchess o Aosta.