Sigurd the Stoot

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Sigurd Hlodvirsson
Yerl o Orkney
Teetle held 991[1] tae 1014
Predecessor Hlodvir Thorfinsson
Successor Brusi, Sumarlidi an Einar Sigurdsson
Native name Sigurðr digri - Sigurd the Stoot
Dee'd 23 Apryle 1014
Noble faimily Norse Yerls o Orkney
Spouse Olith, dauchter o Malcolm II o Scotland
Faither Hlodvir Thorfinsson
Mither Eithne

Sigurd Hlodvirsson (circa 960 – 23 Apryle 1014), popularly kent as Sigurd the Stoot frae the Auld Norse Sigurðr digri,[2] wis a Yerl o Orkney.

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