Shuiter gemme

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Shuiter gemmes are a subgenre o action gemme, which aften test the player's speed an reaction time. It includes mony subgenres that hae the commonality o focusing on the actions of the avatar uisin some sort o wappen. Uisually this wappen is a gun, or some ither lang-range wappen. A common resource foond in mony shuiter gemmes is ammunition. Maist commonly, the purpose of a shuiter gemme is tae shuit opponents an proceed throu missions athoot the player chairacter bein killed or deein. A shuitin gemme is a genre o video gemme whaur the player haes limitit spatial control o his or her chairacter, an the focus is amaist entirely on the defeat o the chairacter's enemies uising lang-range wappenry.

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