Short track speed skeitchin

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Short track speed skeitching
Saguenay 500m.jpg
500 meters short track heat at the 2004 Warld Cup in Saguenay
Heichest govrenin bodyInternaitional Skating Union
Mixed genderYes
EquipmentThe equipment for Short Track Speed Skatin is a helmet an ice skeitchs.
Olympic1988 (demonstration)
1992 - present

Short track speed skeitchin is a form o competitive ice speed skeitchin. In competitions, multiple skeitchers (teepically atween fower an sax) skeitch on an oval ice track wi a circumference o 111.12 m. The rink itself is 60 m bi 30 m, which is the same size as an internaitional-sized ice hockey rink.