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Mt Shkhara as seen from Khalde (Photo A. Muhranoff, 2011).jpg
Heichest pynt
Elevation5,193 m (17,000 ft) [1]
Prominence1,357 m (4,452 ft)
Isolation6 kilometres (3.7 mi)
Coordinates43°00′02″N 43°06′44″E / 43.00056°N 43.11222°E / 43.00056; 43.11222Coordinates: 43°00′02″N 43°06′44″E / 43.00056°N 43.11222°E / 43.00056; 43.11222
Shkhara is locatit in Caucasus moontains
Location o Shkhara within the Caucasus moontains
Shkhara is locatit in Kabardino-Balkarie
Shkhara (Kabardino-Balkarie)
LocationSvaneti region, Georgie -
Kabardino-Balkarie, Roushie[2]
KintraGeorgie and Kabardino-Balkarie
Parent rangeGreater Caucasus Moontains
First ascent1888 by U. Almer, J. Cockin and C. Roth[3]
Easiest routeNortheast Ridge: snaw/ice climb (Roushie grade 4b)[2][3]

Shkhara (Georgie: შხარა) is the heichest pynt in the naition o Georgie. Locatit in the Svaneti region alang the Georgie-Roushie frontier, Shkhara lies 88 kilometres (55 mi) north o the ceety o Kutaisi, Georgie's seicont-lairgest ceety. The summit lies in the central pairt o the Greater Caucasus Moontain Range, tae the sooth-east o Moont Elbrus, Europe's heichest moontain. Shkhara is the third-heichest peak in the Caucasus, juist behind Dykh-Tau.

Shkhara is the heich pynt and the eastren anchor o a massif kent as the Bezingi (or Bezengi) Wall, a 12-kilometre-long (7.5 mi) ridge. It is a lairge, steep peak in a heivily glaciatit region, an presents serious challenges tae moontaineers. Its north face (on the Roushie side) is 1,500 metres (4,900 ft) heich an contains seiveral classic difficult routes. The significant sub-summit Shkhara Wast, at 5,068 m (16,627 ft), is a climbing objective in its ain richt, an a traverse o the entire Bezingi Wall is conseedert "Europe's langest, maist arduous, an maist committing expedeetion."[3]

The peak wis first climbed in 1888 via the North East Ridge route, bi the Breetish/Swiss team o U. Almer, J. Cockin and C. Roth. This route is still ane o the easier an mair popular routes on the moontain. The first complete traverse o the Bezingi Wall wis in 1931, bi the Austrick K. Poppinger, K. Moldan, an S. Schintlmeister.

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  1. The elevation and coordinates given here are taken from a DGPS survey by Peter Schoen and Boris Avdeev in association with GeoAT. It was carried out in July 2010 and made available in November 2010. Some sources, including the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, give the estimation of only 5,068 metres (16,627 feet), but this is the correct height of the lower western summit. Soviet era 1:50,000 mapping shows a 5,158-metre spot height to the east, and this can be verified using a panoramic photograph taken from Elbrus. The true elevation is on higher ground still further east along the Shkhara ridge.
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