Sheina Marshall

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Sheina Macalister Marshall
Born 20 Apryle 1896(1896-04-20)
Rothsay, Scotland
Died 7 Apryle 1977(1977-04-07) (aged 80)
Millport, Scotland
Cause o daith
Hert attack
Naitionality Scots
Eddication BSc (1919), DSc (1934) Varsity o Glesga
Kent for The study o marine productivity, ainimal an plant plankton in pairteecular the copepod Calanus
Honours FRSE (1949), FRS (1961), OBE (1966)

Dr Sheina Macalister Marshall OBE FRSE FRS (20 Apryle 1896 – 7 Apryle 1977) wis a Scots marine biologist that dedicatit her life tae the study o plant an ainimal plankton.