Shadmehr Aghili

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Shadmehr Aghili 1973
شادمهر عقیلی
Birth nameShadmehr Aghili
Born (1973-01-27) 27 Januar 1973 (age 51)
Tehran, Iran
GenresPersie pop
Thriftsangster, muisicker, componer,
muisic arranger, actor, record producer,
InstrumentsKeybuird, Violin,
Guitar, Piano,
Associate actsEbi

Shadmehr Aghili (Persie: شادمهر عقیلی‎) (born 27 Januar 1973) is an Iranian pop sangster, muisicker, componer, muisic arranger, producer an sangwriter,[1][2][3] an umwhile a actor.

Aghili wis born in Tehran, Iran. He emigratit tae Canadae first, but currently resides in Los Angeles, Californie. Shadmehr is kent as the "Keeng o Persie Pop" an is ane o the maist popular Persie muisickers an sangsters.[4]

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Aghili stairtit early in muisic an studiet piano, guitar an violin graduatin frae Conservatory o Muisic in Iran.

He wirkit in muisic for a while in IRIB the offeecial radio an televeesion in Iran. He released his cassette album Bahare Man (بهار من) in 1997, an instrumental muisic album whaur he played piano, guitar an violin. The album Fasle ashenai (فصل آشنایی) in 1998 wis anither great effort wi a nummer o collaborations. The follae up Mosafer wis well receivit bi the public an aw. Aghili appeared on screen wi Pare Parvaz (پر پرواز) an aw, a best-seller in Iran for that year. Aghili wrote the soondtrack for the film an aw. He haed a lead role in Shabe Berahne (شب برهنه) an aw.

Aghili immigratit tae Canadae whaur he wis signed tae نوامیدیا. His first album in Canadae wis Khiali Nist (خیالی نیست) quickly follaeed bi Doori va Pashimani (دوری و پشیمانی), Adam Foroush (آدم‌فروش) an Popcorn (پاپ‌کورن).

2009 saw the release o heichly-praised Taghdir (تقدیر) on a new contract wi Century Records. In 2012, he released Tarafdaar (طرفدار) on Avang Music.

Shadmehr Aghili is a versatile airtist, violinist an[5] muisicker[6][7] Besides his prominent uise o pianno, guitar an violin, he uisses in some recordins the santur an an, the mandolin,[8] trumpet, harmonica,[9] keybuird, banjo, an koto.[10] Shadmehr remains active politically recordin a track in 2010 an aw, conveyin his support o the Iranian Green Muivement recordit ower backgrund muisic, encouragin Iranian fowk tae protest against thair govrenment an uisin muisic as a tuil tae get tae freedom an leeberty. In 2012 in a collaboration wi sangster Ebi, he released the anti-war "Royaye Ma" (A Dream) in support o World Vision United States an World Vision Canadae.

Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Albums[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 1994: Shame Ghariban (شام غریبان)
  • 1997: Bahare Man (بهار من, "Ma Spring") (Instrumental)
  • 1998: Fasle Ashenaie (فصل آشنایی, Saison o Acquaintance)
  • 1998: Mosafer (مسافر, "The Traveler")
  • 1999: Dehati (دهاتی, "The Villager")
  • 1999: Mashghe Sokoot (مشق سکوت)
  • 1999: Naghmehaye Mashreghi (نغمه‌های مشرقی, "Eastern Melodies")
  • 2001: Pare Parvaz (پر پرواز, "Wings o Fly")
  • 2002: Adam o Hava (آدم و حوا, "Adam an Eve")
  • 2003: Khiali Nist (خیالی نیست, "Niver Mind") (efter migratin tae Canadae)
  • 2004: Adam Foroush (آدم‌فروش, "The Traitor")
  • 2004: Rage Khab (رگ خواب) (Instrumental) (released in Iran, efter his migration tae Canadae)
  • 2005: Popcorn (پاپ‌کورن)
  • 2007: Sabab (سبب) (unoffeecial album, released athoot his permission)
  • 2009: Taghdir (تقدیر, "Destiny")
  • 2012: Tarafdar (طرفدار, "On Your Side")
  • 2016: Tajrobeh Kon (تجربه کن, "Experience It")
Soondtrack albums
  • 2001: Pare Parvaz (پر پرواز, "Wings tae Fly") (Soondtrack o a same-title film)

Singles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • "Tu Binahayate Shab" («تو بی‌نهایت شب», "Through the Infinity o Nicht")
  • "Ghafas" («قفس», "Cage")
  • "Atr o Shabnam" («عطر و شبنم», "Scent an Dew")
  • "Shabe Berahne" («شب برهنه», "The Naked Nicht")
  • "Dadashi" («داداشی», "Dear Brither")
  • "Khaneh Kharab" («خانه خراب», "Cross-tie Walker / Tramp / Wanderer")
  • "Ghame Tanhayi" («غم تنهایی», "Sorrow of Loneliness")
  • "To Ro Injoori Mikham" («تو رو اینجوری می‌خوام», "I Want You This Way")
  • "Lahzaye Asheghane" («لحظهٔ عاشقانه», "Romantic Moment")
  • "Delshekasteh" («دل‌شکسته», "Heartbroken")
  • "Bazicheh" («بازیچه», "Toy (Plaything)")
  • "Hasrat" («حسرت», "Regret")
  • "Shaame Ghariban" («شام غریبان») (Traditional sang in Iran)
  • "Zemestoon" («زمستان», "Winter")
  • "Khanoom Khanooma" («خانوم خانوما», "Madam")
  • "Adat" («عادت», "Habit") (2009)
  • "Azadi" («آزادی», "Freedom") (2010) (in support of Iranian protester against Iran's presidential election in 2009)
  • "Khial" («خیال», "Dream") (Image / Vision New Version)
  • "Halam Avaz Misheh" («حالم عوض میشه», "I Feel Better") (2011)
  • "Ayandeh" («آینده», "Future") (2012)
  • "Entekhab" («انتخاب», "Choice") (2012)
  • "Royaye Ma (featurin Ebi)" («رؤیای ما», "A Dream") (2012)
  • "Ye Dokhtar (featurin Ebi)" («یه دختر», "A Girl") (2012) (a social an poleetical track, released ane day afore Iran's 2013 presidential election an in some pairts refers tae the 2009 election)

Filmografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 2000: Pare Parvaz (پر پرواز, "Wings to Fly")
  • 2001: Shabe Berahne (شب برهنه, "The Naked Night")

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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