Set (mathematics)

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An example o a Venn diagram
The intersection o twa sets is made up wi the objects contained in baith sets

In mathematics, a set is a collection o distinct objects, considered as an object in its ain richt. For example, the nummers 2, 4, an 6 are distinct objects when considered separately, but when thay are considered collectively thay furm a single set o size three, written {2,4,6}. Sets are ane o the maist fundamental concepts in mathematics. Developed at the end o the 19t century, set theory is nou a ubiquitous pairt o mathematics, an can be uised as a foondation frae which nearly aw o mathematics can be derived. In mathematics education, elementary topics such as Venn diagrams are taucht at a young age, while mair advanced concepts are taucht as pairt o a varsity degree. The term itself wis coined bi Bolzano in his wirk The Paradoxes o the Infinite.