Sergey Golovkin

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Sergey Golovkin
BornSergey Aleksandrovich Golovkin
26 November 1959(1959-11-26)
Moscow, Soviet Union
Dee'd2 August 1996(1996-08-02) (aged 36)
Moscow, Roushie
Cause o daith
Executit bi gunshot ahint richt ear
Ither namesFisher, Udav (Boa)
Criminal penalty
KintraRoushie SFSR
Roushie Federation

Sergey Golovkin (Roushie: Сергей Александрович Головкин) (26 November 1959, in Moscow, Soviet Union – 2 August 1996) wis a Soviet an Roushie serial killer kent as "The Fisher" or "The Udav" (The "Boa") who killed an butchered 11 boys in the Moscow aurie atween 1986 an 1992.[1]

Golovkin wis sentencit tae daith an executit bi shuitin, the last ane tae be executit bi Roushie.[2]

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