Senegal naitional fitbaw team

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Nickname(s)Les Lions de la Téranga
(The Lions o Teranga)
AssociationSenegalese Fitbaw Federation
ConfederationCAF (Africae)
Sub-confederationWAFU (Wast Africae)
Heid coachAliou Cissé
CaiptainKalidou Koulibaly
Maist kaipsHenri Camara (99)
Tap scorerHenri Camara (29)
Hame stadiumStade Léopold Sédar Senghor
First colours
Second colours
FIFA rankin
Current 20 Steady (19 December 2019)[1]
Heichest20 (Julie 2019)
Lawest99 (Juin 2013)
Elo rankin
Current 27 Increase 1 (25 November 2019)[2]
Heichest21 (Juin 2002)
Lawest105 (October 1994)
First international
 British Gambia 1–2 French Senegal Flag of Senegal (1958–1959).svg
(Gambie; 1959)
Biggest win
 Senegal 7–0 Mauritius 
(Dakar, Senegal; 9 October 2010)
Biggest defeat
 Czechoslovakie 11–0 Senegal 
(Prague, Czechoslovakie; 2 November 1966)
Warld Cup
Appearances2 (first in 2002)
Best resultQuarter-Feenals (7t oweraw) (2002)
Africae Cup o Naitions
Appearances15 (first in 1965)
Best resultRunners-up (2002, 2019)

The Senegal naitional fitbaw team, nicknamed the Lions o Teranga, is the naitional association fitbaw team o Senegal an is controlled bi the Senegalese Fitbaw Federation.

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