Semyonovsky Municipal Okrug

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Semyonovsky Municipal Okrug on the aulder map o St. Petersburg

Semyonovsky Municipal Okrug (Roushie: Семёновский муниципа́льный о́круг), umwhile Municipal Okrug #4 (муниципа́льный о́круг № 4), is a municipal okrug o Admiralteysky Destrict o the federal ceety o Saunt Petersburg, Roushie. Municipal okrug's population: 23,394 (2010 Census preliminary results);[1] 29,572 (2002 Census).[2]

The okrug borders the Fontanka River in the north, Gorokhovaya Street in the east, Obvodny Canal in the sooth, an Moskovsky Avenue in the wast.

Places o interest include Vitebsky Rail Terminal an Saunt Petersburg State Institute o Technologie.

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