Semisopochnoi Island

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Semisopochnoi Island or Unyak Island (Roushie: Семисопочный – "haein seiven hills"; Aleut: Unyax[1]) is pairt o the Rat Islands group in the wastren Aleutian Islands o Alaska. The island is uninhabitit an provides a important nestin aurie for maritime birds. The island is o volcanic oreegin, conteenin several volcanoes includin Mount Cerberus. It haes a laund aurie o 85.558 square miles (221.59 km2), measurin 18 kilometres (11 mi) in lenth and 20 kilometres (12 mi) in width.

At 179°46' East (in the Eastren Hemisphere), the eastmaist tip o Semisopochnoi is, bi langitude, the eastmaist laund location in the Unitit States an North Americae. Semisopochnoi sits anerly 14 minutes wast o the 180t meridian.

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