Sellafield Ltd

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Sellafield Ltd
Private limited company
IndustrieNuclear decommissioning
HeidquartersRisley, Cheshire
Key fowk
Paul Foster, Managing Director
AwnerHM Government
Nummer o employees
over 10,000
ParentNuclear Decommissioning Authority

Sellafield Ltd is a nuclear decommissioning Site Licence Company (SLC) controlled bi the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), a government body set up specifically tae deal with the nuclear legacy under the Energy Act 2004. Until 2016, it was operated under licence from the NDA by a third party Parent Body Organisation called Nuclear Management Partners.

Sellafield Ltd's main aim is tae manage the decommissionin o the Sellafield facility on behalf o the NDA. The company employs mair nor 13,000 workers an its focus is tae deliver accelerated nuclear decommissioning an clean-up programmes. It is also involved in world-leading pouer operations, nuclear fuel production an reprocessin, international decommissionin, an international transport.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sellafield Ltd was formed out o the remains o British Nuclear Group (BNG), a subsidiary o BNFL. BNG was created from a reorganisation o BNFL in 2005, bringing thegither all BNFL's businesses in tae one unit, with the exception o Nexia Solutions an Westinghouse Electric Company. It was BNFL's initial intention in 2006 to sell BNG as one business. However, it was later decided tae break up BNG an sell each asset individually tae maximise revenue.

BNG's US subsidiary, BNG America, its Magnox reactor business, Reactor Sites Management Company, its consultancy business, BNG Project Services an its one-third share in Atomic Weapons Establishment management company, AWE Management Ltd were all sold. The remaining business o BNG was responsible for the decommissioning wirk at Sellafield. This was renamed Sellafield Ltd an ownership was passed tae the NDA.

In 2008 the NDA contracted the management o Sellafield Ltd tae Nuclear Management Partners Ltd, a consortium o US company URS, Breetish company AMEC, an Areva o Fraunce. The initial contract was for five years, with an extension option for 17 years.

In 2016, the NDA took Sellafield Ltd back under direct control from Nuclear Management Partners, makin the company a subsidiary o HM Government. The NDA owns the Sellafield site an its liabilities, an owns all the shares in Sellafield Ltd, which is responsible for the safe an secure operation an management o the site.