Seicont Boer War

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Seicont Boer War
Pairt o the Boer Wars
Boers at Spion Kop, 1900 - Project Gutenberg eText 16462.jpg
Boer militiamen at Spioenkop
Date11 October 1899 – 31 Mey 1902
(2 years, 7 months, 2 weeks and 6 days)
LocationSooth Africae, Swaziland[1]
Result Breetish Empire victory
Breetish sovereignty ower The Orange Free State an the Transvaal in accordance wi the Treaty o Vereeniging

Unitit Kinrick Breetish Empire

 Orange Free State
 South African Republic

Commanders an leaders
Unitit Kinrick Laird Salisbury
Unitit Kinrick Laird Milner
Unitit Kinrick Lord Roberts
Unitit Kinrick Sir Redvers Buller
Unitit Kinrick Laird Kitchener
Canadae Wilfrid Laurier
Canadae Frederick Borden
Sooth African Republic Paul Kruger
Sooth African Republic Louis Botha
Sooth African Republic Schalk W. Burger
Sooth African Republic Koos de la Rey
Orange Free State Martinus Steyn
Orange Free State Christiaan de Wet
Sooth African Republic Piet Cronjé (POW)
Breetish Regulars:
Colonial Forces:
88,000 (25,000 Transvaal an 15,000 Free State Boers at the stairt o the war) (inclusive Foreign Volunteers an Cape Boers)[2]
Casualties an losses
Militar casualties:
21,144 died (7,894 in combat
13,250 died o disease)
934 missin
22,828 woondit[3][4]

Militar casualties:
9,098 died (4,000 in combat) (24,000 Boer prisoners sent owerseas)[2]

Ceevilian casualties: 27,927 Boer ceevilians died in concentration camps, plus an unkent nummer o Africans (107,000 war interned).[5]

The Seicont Boer War (Dutch: Tweede Boerenoorlog, Afrikaans: Tweede Vryheidsoorlog, leeterally "Seicont Freedom War") itherwise kent as the Seicont Anglo-Boer War or the Sooth African War,[6] wis focht frae 11 October 1899 till 31 Mey 1902 atween the Unitit Kinrick; an the Sooth African Republic (Transvaal Republic) an the Orange Free State.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Lairger nummers o volunteers came frae the Netherlands, Germany an Swaden-Norawa. Smawer forces came frae Ireland, Australie, Italy, Congress Poland, Fraunce, Belgium, the Roushie Empire, the Unitit States an Denmark.

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