Seicont Balkan War

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Seicont Balkan War
Pairt o the Balkan Wars
Second Balkan War.png
Cairt o the main land operations o the Allied belligerents
(amphibious actions nae shawn)
Date29 Juin – 10 August 1913
(1 month, 1 week and 5 days)
LocationBalkan Peninsula
Result The defeat o Bulgarie an the Treaty o Bucharest, 1913
 Bulgarie  Serbie
Greece Greece
 Ottoman Empire
Commanders an leaders
Kinrick o Bulgarie Ferdinand I
Kinrick o Bulgarie Mihail Savov
Kinrick o Bulgarie Vasil Kutinchev
Kinrick o Bulgarie Nikola Ivanov
Kinrick o Bulgarie Radko Dimitriev
Kinrick o Bulgarie Stiliyan Kovachev
Kinrick o Bulgarie Stefan Toshev
Kinrick o Serbie Petar I o Serbie
Kinrick o Serbie Radomir Putnik
Kinrick o Serbie Stepa Stepanović
Kinrick o Serbie Petar Bojović
Kinrick o Romanie Carol I o Romanie
Kinrick o Romanie Ferdinand, Croun Prince o Romanie
Kinrick o Romanie Alexandru Averescu
Greece Constantine I
Greece Viktor Dousmanis
Greece Pavlos Kountouriotis
Ottoman Empire Mehmed V
Ottoman Empire Enver Pasha
Ottoman Empire Ahmet Izzet Pasha
Kinrick o Montenegro Nicholas I o Montenegro
Kinrick o Montenegro Danilo, Croun Prince o Montenegro
Kinrick o Montenegro Janko Vukotić
Kinrick o Bulgarie 500,221–576,878 Kinrick o Serbie 348,000[1]
Romanie 330,000[1]
Greece 148,000
Kinrick o Montenegro 12,802[1]
Ottoman Empire 255,000[2]
Tot: 1,093,802
Casualties an losses
Kinrick o Bulgarie Bulgarie:[3]
7,583 killed
9,694 missin
42,911 woondit
3,049 deceased
140 artillery pieces capturt or destroyed

65,927 dead or woondit
Kinrick o Serbie Serbie:
9,000 killed
36,000 woondit
5,000 dead o disease[4]
Greece Greece:
5,851 killed in action
23,847 woondit in action
188 missin in action[5]
Kinrick o Montenegro Montenegro:
240 killed
961 woondit[4]
Romanie Romania:
negligible combat casualties
6,000 dead o disease[6]
Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire:
negligible combat casualties
4,000 dead o disease[7]

~76,000 combat casualties
~91,000 tot losses

The Seicont Balkan War wis a conflict which broke oot when Bulgarie, dissatisfied wi its share o the spoils o the First Balkan War, attacked its umwhile allies, Serbie an Greece, on 16 (A.S.)/29 June 1913.

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