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Manufacturer(s) Mattel (ootside U.S. an Canadae)
Hasbro (within U.S. an Canadae)
Designer(s) Alfred Mosher Butts
Publisher(s) James Brunot
Publication date 1938; 81 years ago (1938)
Genre(s) Wird gemme
Buird gemme
Players 2–4
Age range 8+
Setup time 2–6 minutes
Playin time NASPA tournament gemme: ~50 minutes
Random chance Medium (letters drawn)
Skill(s) required Vocabulary, spellin, Anagrammin, strategy, coontin, bluffin, probability

Scrabble is a wird gemme in which twa tae fower players score pynts bi placin tiles, each bearin a single letter, ontae a gameboard which is dividit intae a 15×15 grid o squares.