Scots slang

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Here a list o Slang that's fund in Scots (An aften English an aw)

  • Affie (short for English Afternoon)
  • Bevie (bevvy) (Alcoholic (diminutive frae) Beverage)
  • Brar (frae English Brother)
  • Cameron Toll (hole) Towe wad be the tradeetional Scots for toll.
  • chorus an verse (airse)
  • Coupon (face)
  • Dosh (ordinar English for Money)
  • Cludgie (watter-closet, a rinnin thegither o closet an ludge)
  • Gadge (lad, man)
  • Gaff (ordinar English for House)
  • Jakey (a doun-an-oot, frae jake = methylated speerits)
  • Joe Baxi (Taxi - Glesgae Rhymin Slang)
  • Kip (ordinar English for Sleep)
  • Labdick (Polis)
  • Peeve (Beer)
  • Pish (Urine)
  • Pished (Drunk)
  • Pleb (ordinar English for Idiot frae plebian)
  • Poppy (Money)
  • Puff (Life)
  • Radge (mad, mental)
  • Shag (ordinar English for Intercourse)
  • Swedge (Fecht)
  • Stotter (good looking, esp o weemen)
  • Tail (prostitute)
  • Yonks (ordinar English for Years)

See Glesgae Rhymin Slang and Fisherfowk taboo wirds an aw.