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The Scots Wikipaedia is the Scots leid version o Wikipaedia, an is run bi the Wikimedie Foondation. It wis established on 23 Juin 2005, an first reached 1,000 airticles in Februar 2006, an 5,000 airticles in November 2010. As o October 2020, it haes aboot 42,500 airticles.[1] The Scots Wikipedie is ane o aicht Wikipaedias written in an Anglic leid, the ithers bein the Inglis Wikipaedia, the Simple Inglis Wikipedie, the Auld Inglis Wikipaedia, the Pitkern-Norfuk Wikipaedia, the Tok Pisin Wikipedia, the Jamaican Patois Wikipedia, an the Sranan Tongo Wikipedia.

Reception[eedit | eedit soorce]

As o Februar 2008, the steid haed 2,200 airticles,[2] an haed already ootpaced ither Wikipaedias, lik the Maori Wikipaedia an Kashmiri Wikipaedia. Reportit reception, houiver, wis mixed, wi Scotland on Sunday's leeterar editor descrievin it as "convoluted at best, and an absolute parody at worst,"[3] while Ted Brocklebank, cultur spokesman for the Scottish Tories, descrievit it as a "cheap attempt at creating a language."[3] Housomiver, Dr Chris Robinson, director o the Dictionary of the Scots Language, spak mair positively o the steid, notin "The fact it is doing well gives a lie to all those people who decry Scots and try to do it down."[3]

In 2020, the steid gaint attention efter a Reddit post claimt an unusually heich nummer o airticles screived in verra law-quality Scots bi a single prolific uiser. At least 20,000 articles wis creatit bi an American teen wi a puir grasp o the Scots leid, aften owersettin articles athoot consideration o Scots idiom an grammar structur.[4][5] Professor Robert McColl Millar, the chair in linguistics an Scots leids at the Varsity o Aiberdeen, said that the affectit airticles shawed "a very limited knowledge both of Modern Scots and its earlier manifestations".[5] Dr Michael Dempster, director o the Centre for the Scots Leid, reached oot tae the Wikimedia Foondation ower the chance o biggin upon the Scots Wikipedia's existin infrasctructur, descrievin the renewed interest in the steid as haein "potential to be a great online focus" fur the Scots leid.[4]

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