Scotia Sea

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Scotia Sea
Scotia Sea 1996.jpg
Tabular iceberg in the Scotia Sea, 1996.
Scotiazee en scotiarug.png
Coordinates57°30′S 40°00′W / 57.500°S 40.000°W / -57.500; -40.000Coordinates: 57°30′S 40°00′W / 57.500°S 40.000°W / -57.500; -40.000
Primary inflowsSoothren Ocean
Surface aurie900,000 km2 (347,500 sq mi)
Max. deepth5,576 m (18,294 ft)
Approximate aurie o the sea in the Soothren Hemisphere

The Scotia Sea is a sea that is locatit in baith the Soothren Ocean an the Sooth Atlantic Ocean.