Schengen Aurie

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Schengen Aurie
The Schengen Aurie
  Schengen Aurie
  Kintras wi open borders
  Legally obliged tae jyn
Policy o European Union
TypeFree travel aurie
Aurie4,312,099 km2 (1,664,911 sq mi)

The Schengen Aurie is the aurie comprisin 26 European kintras that hae abolished passport an ony ither teep o border control at thair common borders, an aa referred tae as internal borders. It maistly functions as a single kintra for internaitional travel purposes, wi a common visa policy. The Aurie is named efter the Schengen Agreement. Kintras in the Schengen Aurie hae eliminatit border controls wi the ither Schengen members an strenthened border controls wi non-Schengen states.