Saunt Valentine

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Saunt Valentine
Saunt Valentine receives a rosary frae the Virgin, bi David Teniers III
Bishop an Martyr
Dee'd14t Februar 273 AD, Buried In Dublin, Ireland [1]
Veneratit inCatholic Kirk
Anglican Communion
Lutheranism, an individual protestant kirks, includin Baptists
FeastFebruar 14 (Catholic, Anglican an Lutheran Kirks)
Attributesbirds; roses; bishop wi a crippled or a bairn wi epilepsy at his feet; bishop wi a rooster nearby; bishop refusin tae adore an idol; bishop bein beheidit; priest bearin a swuird; priest hauldin a sun; priest giein sicht tae a blind lass[1]
Patronageaffianced couples, against faintin, beekeepers, happy mairiages, luve, plague, epilepsy[1]

Saint Valentine (Italian: San Valentino, Laitin: Valentinus), offeecially Saunt Valentine o Terni,[2] is a widely recognised third-century Roman saunt commemorated on Februar 14 an syne the Heich Middle Ages is associatit wi a tradeetion o coortly luve.

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