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Saunt Stephen bi Carlo Crivelli
Deacon and Protomartyr
Dee'd c. 34
Jerusalem, Judaea, Roman Empire
Veneratit in Roman Catholic Kirk, Eastren Orthodox Kirk, Oriental Orthodox Kirk, Armenian Apostolic Kirk, Eastren Catholic Kirks, Lutheran Kirk, Anglican Communion
Feast 26 December (Wastren)
27 December (Eastren)
8 Januar (Eastren - Indian Orthodox Kirks)
25 December/6 Januar (Armenian Apostolic an Armenian Catholic Kirks)
Attributes stones, dalmatic, censer, miniature kirk, Gospel Book, martyr's palm frond. In Eastren Christianity he eften wears an orarion
Patronage Altar Servers [1];Acoma Indian Pueblo; casket makers; Cetona, Italy; deacons; heidaches; horse; Kessel, Belgium; masons; Owensboro, Kentucky; Passau, Germany; Serbie; Republic o Srpska; Prato, Italy [2]

Stephen or Stephan (Greek: Στέφανος, Stephanos; Laitin: Stephanus), tradeetionally veneratit as the Protomartyr or first martyr o Christianity,[1] wis accordin tae the Acts o the Apostles a deacon in the early kirk at Jerusalem who aroused the enmity o members o various synagogues bi his teachings.

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