Saunt Kitts

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State o Saunt Kitts
Nickname: "Sugar City"
Location Caribbean Sea
Coordinates 17°15′N 62°40′W / 17.250°N 62.667°W / 17.250; -62.667
Airchipelagae Leeward Islands
Tot islands 1
Major islands 1
Aurie 176 km2 (68 sq mi)
Lenth 29 km (18 mi)
Weenth 8 km (5 mi)
Heichest elevation 1,156 m (3,793 ft)
Heichest point Moont Liamuiga
2 diveesions o St.Kitts
Lairgest settlement Basseterre (pop. 15,500)
Population 46,000
Pop. density 208.33 /km2 (539.57 /sq mi)
Ethnic groups African descent, mulatto, Indo-Pakistani, Breetish, Portuguese, Lebanese[1]

Saunt Kitts, an aa kent mair formally as Saunt Christopher Island, is an island in the Wast Indies.

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