Saunt Basil's Cathedral

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Cathedral o the Pertection o Maist Haly Theotokos on the Moat
Собор Покрова пресвятой Богородицы, что на Рву (Roushie)
Saunt Basil's Cathedral, Moscow
Basic information
LocationReid Squerr, Moscow, Roushie
Geografic coordinates55°45′9″N 37°37′23″E / 55.75250°N 37.62306°E / 55.75250; 37.62306Coordinates: 55°45′9″N 37°37′23″E / 55.75250°N 37.62306°E / 55.75250; 37.62306
AffiliationRoushie Orthodox
Year consecratit12 Julie 1561 (1561-07-12)[1]
Ecclesiastical or organisational statusState Historical Museum wi occasional kirk services syne 1991
Heritage designation1990
WabsteidCathedral of Vasily the Blessed
State Historical Museum
Architectural description
Airchitect(s)Barma an Postnik Yakovlev[2]
Airchitectural teepKirk
Grundbrakkin1555 (1555)
Hicht (max)47.5 metres (156 ft)[3]
Offeecial name: Kremlin an Reid Squerr, Moscow
Criteriei, ii, iv, vi
Reference no.545
State PairtyRoushie
RegionEurope an North Americae

The Cathedral o Vasily the Blessed (Roushie: Собор Василия Блаженного), commonly kent as Saunt Basil's Cathedral, is a kirk in Reid Squerr in Moscow, Roushie.

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