Saunt Basil's Cathedral

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Cathedral o the Pertection o Maist Haly Theotokos on the Moat
Собор Покрова пресвятой Богородицы, что на Рву (Roushie)
Saunt Basil's Cathedral, Moscow
Basic information
Location Reid Squerr, Moscow, Roushie
Geographic coordinates 55°45′9″N 37°37′23″E / 55.75250°N 37.62306°E / 55.75250; 37.62306Coordinates: 55°45′9″N 37°37′23″E / 55.75250°N 37.62306°E / 55.75250; 37.62306
Affiliation Roushie Orthodox
Year consecrated 12 Julie 1561 (1561-07-12)[1]
Ecclesiastical or organizational status State Historical Museum wi occasional kirk services syne 1991
Status Active
Heritage designation 1990
Wabsteid Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed
State Historical Museum
Architectural description
Airchitect(s) Barma an Postnik Yakovlev[2]
Airchitectural type Kirk
Grundbreakin 1555 (1555)
Hicht (max) 47.5 metres (156 ft)[3]
Dome(s) 9
Spire(s) 2
Offeecial name: Kremlin an Reid Squerr, Moscow
Type: Cultural
Criteria: i, ii, iv, vi
Designatit: 1990[4]
Reference No. 545
State Pairty: Roushie
Region: Europe an North Americae
Session: 14t

The Cathedral o Vasily the Blessed (Roushie: Собор Василия Блаженного), commonly kent as Saunt Basil's Cathedral, is a kirk in Reid Squerr in Moscow, Roushie.

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