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For ither uises, see Sati (disambiguation).
Birth name Violeta
Forby kent as Sati Devi, Crazy Violette
Born (1976-04-11) 11 Aprile 1976 (age 42)
Klaipėda, Lithuanie
Genres alternative pop, ethereal, warld, ambient
Thrift Muisicker, Sangwriter
Instruments vocals
Years active 1991–present
Associate acts Agama, Exem, Sel

Violeta "Sati" Jurkonienė (born 11 Apryle 1976 in Klaipėda) is a Lithuanie sangster, a member o the baund Agama.

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sati wis born in a faimily o a lawyer an a jurnalist in Klaipėda, Lithuanie. At the age o seiven stairtit attendin muisic schuil. Her teacher wis ane o the notable Lithuanie opera sangsters Onutė Glinskaitė - her influence wis significant for the then young sangster, an is noticeable in Sati's pop muisic career.

In the beginnin o her career Sati performit unner the stage name "Violette" (later - "Crazy Violette '). She first sang pop muisic ballads, an pairticipatit in mony muisical competitions an festivals in Lithuanie ("Metamarfozės 2000", "Klasikos diversijos 2001", "Mes irgi galime mylėti", "Pop Art", "Muzikinis Viešbutis"). Sati contributit tae the muisical careers o ither Lithuanian musicians an aw (maist notably - Andrius Mamontovas) bi recordin her voice for their sangs.

Sati is kent haein a strang (95.8 decibels) an diversive voice.[1] In 2000, she became a winner o the Lithuanie contest "Throat 2000" as the awner o the strangest voice.

Sati's muisical styles range frae pop tae progressive dance muisic. In 2000-2004 she wis heichlie praised bi Lithuanie muisic creetics. Sati receivit guid reviews frae German muisic creetics an the biggest German muisic TV channel Viva, an aw.

Sangster states her motto simply is "Happiness, luve an peace".[2] Her muisic, as she describes, is influencit bi airtists such as Björk, Stina Nordenstam, Achillea, Jon Hopkins, Abdullah Kobayashi, Lisa Gerrard, an Enigma.

Sati wis marriet frae 2001 an 2009.[3] She haes three sons. They are Ąžuolas, Arijas, an Indra.

She actively advocates for a halthy lifestyle athoot ony drogs or alcohol, an is a vegetarian.[4]

Sati wi a project Agama pairticipatit in Lithuanie muisical contest tae Eurovision 2010. She presentit ethnic ethereal style sang "Fields of Kings" which wis performit in Sanskrit. Agama got a fowerth place amang 12 pairticipants.

Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Atiduodu save (1994)
  • Absoliuti visuma (1997)
  • Troškimų medis (1998)
  • Meilės paslaptis (2004)

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