Santo Tomás Tamazulapan

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Santo Tomás Tamazulapan
Santo Tomás Tamazulapan is located in Mexico
Santo Tomás Tamazulapan
Santo Tomás Tamazulapan
Coordinates: 16°16′N 96°35′W / 16.267°N 96.583°W / 16.267; -96.583Coordinates: 16°16′N 96°35′W / 16.267°N 96.583°W / 16.267; -96.583
Kintra Mexico
MunicipalitySanto Tomás Tamazulapan
Time zoneUTC-6 (CST)

Santo Tomás Tamazulapan is a veelage an municipality in the state o Oaxaca, Mexico, locatit aboot 105 km sooth o Oaxaca ceety. It is 1,700 metres abuin sea level, an is pairt o the Miahuatlán Destrict in the sooth o the Sierra Sur Region. Its name comes frae the patron saunt o the toun (Saunt Thomas) an the last pairt is frae Nahuatl meanin “in the river o frogs”. It is unkent when the toun wis foondit.[1]

The toun[eedit | eedit soorce]

Its main attraction is the Parroquia de Santa María de la Natividad (Pairish o the Virgin Mary o the Nativity) kirk, which wis constructit in the 17t century. It contains a altarpiece (retablo) o extraordinar size an a nummer o colonial-era santos, statues o the saunts, mony executit in fine polychrome an bonnily preservit tae this day.[2]

The veelage wis ane o the hosts o the Sixth International Organ and Early Music Festival in 2006 sponsored bi the Instituto de Órganos Históricos de Oaxaca (Institute o Historic Organs o Oaxaca) alang wi Oaxaca ceety, Zautla, San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya, Tlaxiaco an Santo Domingo Yanhuitlán.[3]

Nearbi is the Balneario Atonaltzin, a series o sulfur springs.[4]

The municipality[eedit | eedit soorce]

As municipal seat, Tamazulapan haes govrenin authority ower the follaein commonties: Cerro de Tepalcatillos, El Cerrito, El Podrido, Güilotes, Los Manantiales, an San Jerónimo Miahuatlán.

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