Santa Cruz del Sur

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Santa Cruz del Sur
Santa Cruz del Sur is located in Cuba
Santa Cruz del Sur
Location o Santa Cruz del Sur in Cuba
Coordinates: 20°43′10″N 77°59′28″W / 20.71944°N 77.99111°W / 20.71944; -77.99111
Kintra Cuba
 • Total1122 km2 (433 sq mi)
5 m (16 ft)
 • Total51,335
 • Density45.8/km2 (119/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Area code(s)+53-3232

Santa Cruz del Sur is a toun an municipality in Cuba. It is locatit in Camagüey Province sooth o the provincial caipital o Camagüey. It lees on the Caribbean coast.

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The municipality is dividit intae the barrios o Buenaventura, Doce Leguas, El Junco, Gonzalo de Quesada, Guaicanamar, Guayabal, La Calzada, Playa Bonita, San Pedro an Yaguabo.[1]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceety haes a special place in history due tae its total destruction bi floodin durin the catastrofic hurricane Flora beginnin late on 8 November, 1932.[4] In a few oors, atween dawn an mid fore-nuin o 9 November, the ceety disappeared unner the sea, an mair nor 3,000 o its inhabitants drowned or wur crushed bi fleein debris carriet bi winds in excess of 135 mph (215 km/h). Why a select nummer o survivors escapit the storm, an why the toun wis no evacuatit prior tae landfaw, persist as questions. The hurricane wis rumored tae be destined for landfaw far east o Santa Cruz, an when notification arrivit aboot the toun's peril, landfaw was imminent. The last depairtin trains for evacuation failed tae depairt due tae floodin. Fishermen o Santa Cruz wur said tae hae predictit the event, apparently suspectin that "something wrang wis brewin in the atmosphere." Survivors providit horrifeein testimonies in the wak o a storm that literally drouned fowk in their homes. Hurricane Paloma made landfaw thare 76 years later on the same nicht in 2008 wi 100 mph (160 km/h) winds an aw.

Demografics[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 2004, the municipality o Santa Cruz del Sur haed a population o 51,335.[3] Wi a total aurie o 1,122 km2 (433 sq mi),[2] it has a population density of 45.8/km2 (119/sq mi) In 2007 the town of Santa Cruz del Sur had 16,600 residents.

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