San Pedro Mixtepec, Juquila

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San Pedro Mixtepec
Municipality an toun
San Pedro Mixtepec is located in Mexico
San Pedro Mixtepec
San Pedro Mixtepec
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 16°0′0″N 97°7′1″W / 16.00000°N 97.11694°W / 16.00000; -97.11694
Kintra  Mexico
State Oaxaca
 • Tot 331.71 km2 (128.07 sq mi)
Elevation 220 m (720 ft)
Population (2005)
 • Tot 33,682
Time zone Central Staundart Time (UTC-6)
 • Summer (DST) Central Daylicht Time (UTC-5)

San Pedro Mixtepec is a toun an municipality in Oaxaca in sooth-wastren Mexico. It is pairt o the Juquila Destrict in the centre o the Costa Region.[1]

The municipality covers a aurei o 331.71 km² at a average altitude o 220 metres abuin sea level on the Paceefic coast o Oaxaca. The climate is wairm an humid. Flora is diverse, includin tulips, roses, bougainvillea, cempaxóchitl, rose garden, lemon blossoms, nuin platanillo, prickly pear, cedar, macuil, huanacaxtle, mahogany an palm Fruit trees include mango, banana, mamey sapote, sapodilla, coconut, lemon, rtamarindo, almond, orange an lemon lime.[1]

As o 2005, the municipality haed 7,881 hoosehaulds wi a total population o 33,682 o whom 919 spoke a indigenous leid. 40% o the population o the municipality is engagit in agricultur, an 20% in ainimal husbandry. Tourism employs 20% o the population in the port an tourist centre o Puerto Escondido an the nearbi Bajos de Chila.[1]

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