San Gabriel Mixtepec

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San Gabriel Mixtepec
Municipality an toun
San Gabriel Mixtepec is located in Mexico
San Gabriel Mixtepec
San Gabriel Mixtepec
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 16°4′58″N 97°6′0″W / 16.08278°N 97.10000°W / 16.08278; -97.10000Coordinates: 16°4′58″N 97°6′0″W / 16.08278°N 97.10000°W / 16.08278; -97.10000
Kintra Mexico
 • Total482.26 km2 (186.20 sq mi)
 • Total3,930
Time zoneUTC-6 (Central Staundart Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-5 (Central Daylicht Time)

San Gabriel Mixtepec is a toun an municipality in Oaxaca in sooth-wastren Mexico. It is pairt o the Juquila Destrict in the centre o the Costa Region. The name "Mixtepec" means "Hill of clouds".[1]

The municipality covers a aurie o 482.26 km² o hilly terrain in the fuithills o the Sierra Madre del Sur, at a altitude o 1380 metres abuin sea level. The climate is wairm subhumid, wi a average temperatur o 24 °C an annual rainfaw o 1301.7 mm. Flora include roses o different teeps, tulips, cedar an pine. Mango, avocado, nanche an mamey sapote fruit trees are grown. Wild fauna includes deer, iguanas, squirrel, raccoon, fox, chachalaca, dove, vultur, snakes o different teeps includin coral snakes, wild boar an hawk.[1]

As o 2005, the municipality haed 848 hoosehaulds wi a total population o 3,930 o whom 87 spoke a indigenous leid. The majority o the population are engagit in agricultur. The moist, fertile soils are suitable for growin corn, coffee, beans, bananas, cocoa, orange, lemon, pineapple an chili. Less important activities include loggin, ainimal husbandry an trade.[1]

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