Samuel Morse

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Samuel Morse
Samuel Morse 1840.jpg
Samuel Finley Breese Morse, 1840
Born Samuel Finley Breese Morse
27 Apryle 1791(1791-04-27)
Charlestown, Massachusetts
Died 2 Apryle 1872(1872-04-02) (aged 80)
5 West 22nd Street, New York Ceety, New York
Eddication Yale College
Thrift Penter, inventor
Kent for The invention an transmission o Morse code
Signatur Samuel Morse signature.svg

Samuel Finley Breese Morse (Aprile 27, 1791 – Aprile 2, 1872) wis an American penter an inventor. Efter havin established his reputation as a portrait penter, in his middle age Morse contreibuted tae the invention o a single-wire telegraph seestem based on European telegraphs. He wis a co-developer o the Morse code, an helped tae develop the commercial uise o telegrafie.