Samuel C. C. Ting

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Nobel prize medal.svg Samuel Chao Chung Ting
Samuel ting 10-19-10.jpg
Samuel Ting efter a presentation at the Kennedy Space Center in October 2010
Born (1936-01-27) Januar 27, 1936 (age 82)
Ann Arbor, Michigan, Unitit States
Ceetizenship Unitit States
Fields Pheesics
Institutions CERN
Columbia Varsity
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alma mater Varsity o Michigan
Doctoral advisor L.W. Jones, M.L. Perl
Kent for Discovery o the J/ψ pairticle
Notable awairds Ernest Orlando Lawrence Awaird (1975)
Nobel Prize for Pheesics (1976)
Eringen Medal (1977)
De Gasperi Awaird (1988),
Spoose Kay Kuhne, Susan Carol Marks
Samuel Ting
This is a Cheenese name; the faimlie name is Ting.

Samuel Chao Chung Ting (Cheenese: 丁肇中; pinyin: Dīng Zhàozhōng; Wade–Giles: Ting Chao-chung) (born Januar 27, 1936) is an American pheesicist wha received the Nobel Prize in 1976, wi Burton Richter, for discoverin the subatomic J/ψ pairticle. He is the principal investigator for the internaitional $1.5 billion Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer experiment which wis installed on the Internaitional Space Station on 19 Mey 2011.