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Lucas Cranach d.Ä. - Simson bezwingt den Löwen.jpg
Samson's Fight with the Lion (1525) by Lucas Cranach the Elder
Restin place
Tel Tzora, Brook of Sorek

Samson (שִׁמְשׁוֹן‬, Ebreu: Shimshon‎‎, "man o the sun")[1][a] wis the last o the juidges o the auncient Israelites mentioned in the Beuk o Juidges in the Ebreu Bible (chaipters 13 tae 16) an ane o the last o the leaders that "juidged" Israel afore the institution o the monarchy.

The biblical accoont states that Samson wis a Nazirite, an that he wis gien immense strenth tae aid him against his enemies an allou him tae perform superhuman feats,[2] includin slayin a lion wi his bare haunds an massacrin an entire airmy o Philistines uisin anerly the jawbane o a cuddie. Houiver, if Samson's lang hair wis cut, then his Nazirite vou wad be veeolatit an he wad lose his strenth.[3]

Samson wis betrayed bi his luver Delilah, that ordered a servant tae cut his hair while he wis sleepin an turned him ower tae his Philistine enemies, that googed oot his een an forced him tae grind grain in a mill at Gaza. Whan the Philistines teuk Samson intae thair temple o Dagon, Samson asked tae rest against ane o the support pillars; efter bein grantit permission, he prayed tae God an miraculously rekivert his strenth, allouin him tae gresp haud o the columns an teir them doun, killin himsel an aw the Philistines wi him. In some Jewish tradeetions, Samson is believed tae hae been buiried in Tel Tzora in Israel owerleukin the Sorek valley.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Greek: Σαμψών

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