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Samantha Brown

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Samantha Brown
BornSamantha Elizabeth Brown
(1969-03-31) 31 Mairch 1969 (age 55)
Dallas, Texas, U.S.
ThriftTV personality, TV show host
Hicht5' 3"
Wicht115 lbs.
Hauf-marrae(s)Kevin O'Leary (2006-present)

Samantha Brown is a host o several traivel programs on the Travel Channel, a cable televeesion network foondit in New York. In her role o hostess she introduces viewers tae internaitional vacation destinations, hottles an vacation hames, an splores the locations an acteevities thir destinations offer. Her Travel Channel credits include Passport tae Europe an Great Hotels

Born in Dallas Texas in 1969, her familie belyve flittit tae the New Hampshire ceity o New Castle whaure she grew up. She teuk 12 years o vyce lessons, an tent Syracuse Varsity studyin muisical theater. Her aerlin career included wirkin in commercials, includin ployin the spokesperson "Wendy Wire" for a company cried Century Cable. She wis forbye inrowed in the comedy sketch menyie "The Mouth", foondit in New York whaure she haes steyt for ten years. Her wark in comedy is clairlin apparent in the dryachtie humor she brings tae her travel shaws. She haes forbye kythed in several Broadway shaws as an actress an sangster. Throu oot 1999 an 2000 the Travel Channel wis leukin for a traivel host an a series o auditions weis hauded an Samantha Brown wis waled.