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Sally Kristen Ride
Sally Ride in 1984.jpg
Ride in Julie 10, 1984
Born Sally Kristen Ride
26 Mey 1951(1951-05-26)
Los Angeles, Californie, U.S.
Died 23 Julie 2012(2012-07-23) (aged 61)
La Jolla, Californie, U.S.
Cause o daith
Pancreatic cancer
Naitionality American
  • BS Pheesics / BA English – Stanford Varsity
  • MS Pheesics – Stanford Varsity
  • Ph.D. Pheesics – Stanford Varsity
Thrift Pheesicist
Hauf-marrae(s) Steven Hawley
(m. 1982–1987; divorced)
Pairtner(s) Tam O'Shaughnessy
(1985–2012; Ride's daith)
  • Dale Burdell Ride
  • Carol Joyce (née Anderson)
Relatives Karen "Bear" Ride (sister)
NASA astronaut
Time in space
14d 07h 46m
Selection 1978 NASA Group
Missions STS-7, STS-41-G
Mission insignia
Sts-7-patch.png STS-41-G patch.png
Reteerment August 15, 1987

Sally Kristen Ride (Mey 26, 1951 – Julie 23, 2012) wis an American pheesicist an astronaut.