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Statue o Sallust in L'Aquila

Gaius Sallustius Crispus, uisually anglicised as Sallust (/ˈsæləst/; 86 – c. 35 BC[1]) wis a Roman historian, politeecian, an novus homo frae a provincial plebeian faimily. Sallust wis born at Amiternum in the kintra o the Sabines an wis a popularis, opposer o the auld Roman aristocracy throughoot his career, an later a pairtisan o Julius Caesar. Sallust is the earliest kent Roman historian wi survivin wirks tae his name, o which we hae Catiline's War (aboot the conspiracy in 63 BC o L. Sergius Catilina), The Jugurthine War (aboot Roum's war against the Numidians frae 111 tae 105 BC), an the Histories (o which anly fragments survive). Sallust wis primarily influenced bi the Greek historian Thucydides an amassed great (an ill-gotten) wealth frae his govrenorship o Africae.[2]

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