Salford, Greater Manchester

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Skyline of Salford from Hartshead Pike
Salford is locatit in Greater Manchester
Salford shawn within Greater Manchester
Aurie 8.1 sq mi (21 km2)
Population 72,750 (2001 Census)
• Density 8,981/sq mi (3,468/km2)
Demonym Salfordian
OS grid reference SJ805985
• London 164 mi (264 km) SE
Metropolitan burgh
Metropolitan coonty
Kintra Ingland
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Post toun SALFORD
Postcode destrict M3, M5–M7, M50
Diallin code 0161
Polis Greater Manchester
Fire Greater Manchester
Ambulance North Wast
EU Pairlament North Wast Ingland
UK Pairlament
List of places
Greater Manchester
53°28′59″N 2°17′35″W / 53.4830°N 2.2931°W / 53.4830; -2.2931Coordinates: 53°28′59″N 2°17′35″W / 53.4830°N 2.2931°W / 53.4830; -2.2931

Salford (/ˈsɒlfərd/) is a toun leein at the hert o the City of Salford, a ceety an metropolitan burgh o Greater Manchester, in North Wast Ingland. Salford is steidit in a meander o the River Irwell, which fuirms in pairt its boondar wi the ceety o Manchester tae the east. The Salford wairds o Broughton an Kersal are on the ither side o the river. Thegither wi its neebourin touns tae the west, Salford fuirms the local govrenment destrict o the City of Salford, which is admeenistered frae Swinton. The umwhile County Borough of Salford, which includit Broughton, Pendleton an Kersal, wis grantit honorific ceety status in 1926; it haes a resident population o 103,886 an occupees a aurie o 8.1 square miles (21 km2). The wider City of Salford destrict haes a population of 219,200.[1]

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  1. Office for National Statistics (21 August 2007), Population estimates 2006 by district,, archived frae the oreeginal on 11 December 2007, retrieved 21 December 2007