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Sakhalin (detail).PNG
Sakhalin is locatit in Roushie
Location Roushie Far East, Northren Paceefic Ocean
Coordinates 51°N 143°E / 51°N 143°E / 51; 143Coordinates: 51°N 143°E / 51°N 143°E / 51; 143
Aurie 72,492 km2 (27,989 sq mi)
Aurie rank 23rd
Heichest elevation 1,609 m (5,279 ft)
Population 497,973[1]
Pop. density 8 /km2 (21 /sq mi)

Sakhalin (Roushie: Сахалин, pronounced [səxɐˈlʲin]) is a lairge Roushie island in the North Paceefic Ocean, lyin atween 45°50' an 54°24' N. It is Roushie's lairgest island, an is admeenistered as pairt o Sakhalin Oblast. Sakhalin, which is aboot ane fift the size o Japan, is juist off the east coast o Roushie, an juist north o Japan.

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