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For ither uises, see Saipan (disambiguation).
Location Paceefic Ocean
Coordinates 15°10′51″N 145°45′21″E / 15.18083°N 145.75583°E / 15.18083; 145.75583
Airchipelagae Marianas
Aurie 44.55 sq mi (115.4 km2)
Lenth 12 mi (19 km)
Weenth 5.6 mi (9 km)
Heichest elevation 1,560 ft (475 m)
Heichest point Mount Tapochau
United States
Commonweel Northren Mariana Islands
Population 48,220 (2010)
Pop. density 540.71 /km2 (1,400.43 /sq mi)
ZIP code 96950
Aurie code(s) 670
View o northren Saipan

Saipan /sˈpæn/ is the lairgest island o the Northren Mariana Islands, a commonweel o the Unitit States in the wastren Paceefic Ocean. Accordin tae the 2010 Unitit States Census, Saipan's population wis 48,220.

The Commonweel's centre o govrenment is locatit in the veelage o Capitol Hill on the island. As the entire island is organisit as a single municipality, maist publications term Saipan as the Commonweel's caipital.

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