SS Sardinia

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SS Sardinia.jpg
Eemage o the SS Sardinia
Name: SS Sardinia
Ainer: P&O 1902-1925
Port o registry: Glesga Unitit Kinrick
Yard nummer: 431
Launched: Thursday, 12 Juin 1902
Fate: 23 Februar 1925, sauld tae Kishimoto Kisen KK for demoleetion in Osaka, Japan
General chairacteristics
Tonnage: 6574 (GRT)
Lenth: 450ft 3in
Beam: 52ft 3in
Draucht: 27ft 2in
Installed pouer: Twa, three cylinder treeple expansion steam ingines
Propulsion: Twin screws
Speed: 14 knots

SS Sardinia wis a passenger liner an cairgae vessel operatit bi the Peninsular an Oriental Steam Navigation Company atween 1902 an 1925, providin baith passenger an cairgae services on various routes.